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Designed while at OMA, Construction completed in 2016

The Faena Forum District includes a Performance Space, Retail Bazaar, and a Car Park. The Bazaar is a renovation of the historic Atlantic Beach Hotel, built in 1939. During my time at OMA, this project was in its Construction Document phase. I was responsible for completing detailed technical drawings, collecting material specifications, producing content for presentation, and completing a variety of design studies that looked at reconciling initial concept aspirations with constructability challenges.

Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, the Faena Forum boasts a distinctive setting that stretches along the waterfront between Indian Creek and the Atlantic.


The project was conceived with three unique structures for this three-block expanse along Collins Avenue. . Each individual component is seamlessly linked through a network of public areas, featuring a vibrant plaza, inviting courtyard, and a charming marina dock.


The Faena Forum is split into two distinct volumes: a cylindrical structure housing gathering spaces and a cuboidal section containing hotel rooms and meeting spaces. Positioned on the third level, the Assembly Hall spans both the cylinder and cube. Given the unique form and character of each volume, the two halves of the Assembly Hall can be utilized independently or in combination, offering a versatile space for various purposes.

The robust cast-in-place concrete elements of the facade serve both structural needs and frame key views of surrounding buildings and waterfronts. Along the building's north edge, the cylinder and cube seamlessly join to accommodate circulation, structure, and provide balcony access through the Assembly Hall.

Faena Forum - Construction Photo

Faena Forum - Finished Interior

The ceiling of the main performance space is a reinterpreted blend of the ancient Roman Pantheon, with a spiral geometry that wraps around a central skylight. 

The coffers in the ceiling has openings in key locations. This accommodates a mezzanine level, for viewing performances from a unique vantage point. 

Faena Bazaar

The Faena Bazaar is a renovation of the historic Atlantic Beach Hotel, from 1939. This project pays homage to the past by preserving and restoring the original lobby and facades, while reprogramming the space to cater to modern retail needs.

Parking Garage

Photos Courtesy of OMA

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