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Designed while at OMA, Construction completed in 2018

The towers' form are inspired by the shapes of the nearby barrier reefs, off the coast of Miami. Their asymmetrical plan provides a diversity of residential unit layouts. Their curved shape also maximizes the perimeter, which adds to expansive, panoramic views out and invites natural light into the space. The tower perimeter columns maximize interior flexibility and help to frame the stunning surrounding landscape.

While working on The Grove, at OMA, I was responsible for developing the Landscaped Plinth, as
well as a number of individual design elements in the towers that included the sculptural columns,
room layouts, exterior envelope, slab edge and balcony detailing. The Plinth served as a programmed
landscape, housing a variety of amenities and supporting a diverse range of local ecologies.

Designed while at OMA

Panoramic views merge interior with exterior – an attribute of local cottages, transposed into the sky. 

Through floor to ceiling windows, residents overlook the scenic Biscayne Bay. 

Sculptural perimeter columns are inspired by Brazilian Art, which has had a major influence on the contemporary art scene in Miami. By locating columns at the edges, they allow for a column-free interior that allows for maximum flexibility and reconfiguration of the residential units. Their sculpted form also helps mitigate solar exposure. 

The elevated plinth and tower lobbies form an ecosystem of amenities. At times, the ground gives way to provide amphitheater seating to a concert, or you  stroll on top of the plinth in an elevated garden. Pools, gym facilities, daycares, and many other amenity spaces are woven into this fabric that blurs the boundary between architecture and landscape. 

Photos and Renders Courtesy of OMA

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