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Green Solutions House


Designed while at 3XN, Construction completed in 2015

The Green Solutions House, located in Bornholm, is Denmark’s first Cradle-to-Cradle certified building. Winner of numerous awards in sustainability and design, this project takes every opportunity to develop conditions for a healthier, more sustainable way of life. My role began with the design of the overall building, throughout conceptual and schematic phases. From there, I was intensely involved in researching the local ecology of the site, and finding new architectural applications for sustainable technologies.

This project aspires to delve into circular sustainability through three distinct approaches: showcasing environmentally-friendly solutions, fostering ongoing enhancements, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge. In pursuing these strategies, Green Solution House aims to not only exemplify sustainable practices but also inspire a broader commitment to environmental responsibility.


Interior View

The Green Solution House employs innovative solutions to enhance sustainability, promoting energy efficiency and creating a healthier indoor environment. The green walls throughout the building not only enhances aesthetics but also provides improved air quality and energy efficiency, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable built environment.

Green Wall

The renovated hotel rooms and new conference building at Green Solution House harmoniously integrate with the surrounding nature park, fostering habitats for local biotopes and endangered species through seasonal lakes. The project planted local biotopes in the landscape, strengthening the native biodiversity and can even be harvested for fresh, healthy ingredients at the restaurant.

Exterior View - From Landscape Biotopes

This hotel is not only a retreat, it is an exhibition for how to live in a healthier, more sustainable future. The project utilizes many technologies, including algae biomass tanks, that use the natural process of photosynthesis to convert algae into energy. Green walls, adaptive monitoring systems, and photovoltaics are all engaged within the project 

Algae Biomass Tanks for Energy Generation


Interior View - PV Creates Dappled Sunshades

Smart hotel rooms utilize a custom app to track guests' environmental impact, monitoring water and energy use, daylight, air quality, temperature, and humidity. In construction, our material selection prioritizes certifications, recyclability, social responsibility, and energy efficiency.

Photos Courtesy of 3XN

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