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When we think of transportation and dwellings in Northern Climates, we imagine disconnecting ourselves from the extreme and harsh environments. This project instead proposes to use material technology to allow the individual to connect to (rather than hide from) the extreme outdoor environments. Crafted with state-of-the-art technology, this prefabricated sled not only withstands extreme temperatures but also redefines the very concept of dwelling in harsh landscapes.

The prefabricated nature of the sled is a key element in its innovation. Comprising modular components, it streamlines manufacturing processes and ensures consistency in quality. This not only expedites production but also facilitates easy assembly and disassembly, allowing for swift deployment in remote areas. The prefabrication approach enhances the sled's mobility, making it a versatile habitat for those seeking proximity to nature in the most extreme conditions.


The interior of the sled is a marvel of efficient design, maximizing space without compromising functionality. Every square inch is meticulously utilized, with storage solutions seamlessly integrated to accommodate essentials for survival in extreme climates. The layout is adaptable, with a reconfigurable interior that allows inhabitants to customize living spaces based on their preferences and changing needs. This adaptability ensures that the sled serves as a versatile, personalized haven for individuals in the most unforgiving terrains.

Furthermore, the sled's interior design prioritizes sustainability and self-sufficiency. Integrated energy-efficient systems, such as compact hydroponic gardens and solar panels, enable sustainable living off the grid.


The sled becomes not just a shelter but a self-contained ecosystem that harmonizes with its surroundings, fostering a profound connection between the dweller and the natural environment.

The design represents a synthesis of cutting-edge technology, prefabrication efficiency, and adaptable interior architecture. It provides a mobile, resilient dwelling that empowers individuals to immerse themselves in nature's extremes, marking a significant leap forward in the quest for sustainable and intimate habitation in the most challenging environments.

Not only is the sled pulled by dogs (eco-friendly), but there are also a number of sustainable technologies integrated into the design. Flexible epoxy solar energy cell panels are cladding the surface of the vehicle. They can withstand high wind-pressure and snow loads, as well as extreme temperature variation. There is also a high conversion efficiency based on leading innovations in photovoltaic technologies. 


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