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Residential Tower in San Francisco, USA

Designed while at OMA, Construction completed in 2019

The Avery is a luxury condo tower in downtown San Francisco. Its shape is defined with a strong urban gesture, as the lower floors carve inward to enhance the flow of the pedestrian domain and the upper floors open up to the San Francisco Bay. While at OMA, I worked on this project as a competition. Along with intensive site analysis, I built a series of physical and digital models to iterate and refine the project’s identity.

The tower is grounded with an eight-story podium. The ground plane is defined with a carved path that divides the site in two and invites the public into the center of the block. This urban emphasis - both at the ground level and at the top of the tower - is prompted by the history of the site, which languished as a parking lot after the problematic freeway ramps of San Francisco from the 1990's were removed. 



Interior View

Podium at Base

OMA partnered with the acclaimed local architect, Anne Fougeron, to design the podium at the base. The tactile material palette of stone and wood, contrast yet compliment the strikingly modern appearance of the glass tower that soars above. 

The interior units begin at $1.8 million and embody luxury. Though 150 of the 548 units are actually sold at a much more affordable price, which is reserved for lower income residents of San Francisco. 


Photos and Renders Courtesy of OMA

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