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Designed while at DIALOG, Construction completed in 2016

The design of the Calgary International Airport spanned nearly ten years. I had the great opportunity to work on it in 2010 for 4 months, and again in 2013 for 8 months. With a budget of $1.67 billion, this facility is strategically designed for international and trans-border traffic, seamlessly linked to the domestic terminal. It marks a major renovation to Calgary's Airport and provides a new gateway from Western Canada to the rest of the world.

The terminal boasts a centralized multi-level check-in, pre-board screening areas, retail spaces, airline lounges, and an advanced baggage handling system. Its layout is geared to manage the projected passenger growth at YYC, anticipating up to 27 million passengers by the year 2035.



Aerial View of International Arrival and Departure Halls

Connection Bridge and Passenger Entry from Parking Structure

The majority of my contribution was to the building’s wayfinding system, double-wall facade design, and several interior design elements. Being born and raised in Calgary, this project holds a special place in my heart, as I get to see the realization of my work every time I return home to visit my family.



Prioritizing safety and passenger-friendly environments, the design includes "vertical separations." Level 2 hosts outbound international operations, Level 3 for outbound U.S. operations, with an interstitial level guiding passengers seamlessly into the Customs area during the inbound phase.

“Unlike hospitals or high rises where you can open one wing or some floors while working on others, every section of an airport terminal must be fully operational prior to the first flight.”

– Marco Mejia, Calgary Airport Authority

Photos, Renders, and Drawings Courtesy of DIALOG

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